Need a Flatbed Tow Truck?


If you’ve ever needed professional towing services, you know how tough it can be to get a prompt tow — especially if you’ve gone off-road. Big Tom’s Towing will never overcharge you for our services. We know that when you call for a tow, you don’t need anything else to worry about. That’s why we always keep our prices fair and customer service our top priority.

Calling a towing service shouldn’t be a gamble. With us, you won’t get a shocking bill, and your car won’t have any unexplained new damage. Our team keeps your vehicle’s safety in mind throughout the process and ensures reasonable prices and expert service — every time. Whether you need simple towing services or something more involved, rest assured that we can handle your roadside mishap.

Local and Long Distance Flatbed Towing

Drivers need a professional towing company on their side, and that’s just what our team is. Our goal is always to get our neighbors back on the road as soon as possible and to make the process easy. Our flatbed towing service is a big part of that goal. In many cases, a flatbed truck is the safest choice for a tow job. By providing a platform for the car instead of rolling it along the ground with wheel lifts, flatbed trucks keep your car steady and less likely to be damaged during the towing process.

A flatbed tow truck is also the only choice if you’re dealing with an immobile vehicle or one that is too damaged to tow via wheel lifts. Even with functional vehicles, though, a flatbed tow truck is commonly used as a safety precaution. Wheel-lift towing is mostly used in tight situations where a flatbed is too big to handle your tow safely. The type of tow truck also depends on the type of vehicle to be towed. Our towing providers will assess your situation and determine the best way to help you out.

Best Flatbed Towing Service

Flatbed towing service is increasingly common for towing companies. They’re simply safer than wheel-lifts in many contexts. Plus, they’re better suited for long-distance towing services — which is exactly what many of our calls need. And if you drive an EV, it’s the only way to tow your car safely. EVs are increasingly common on the road, but it can still be difficult to find a company that will tow them. Our team is one of them!

Whether you need a quick jump, a lift to the repair shop, or a full recovery, our tow truck drivers know the best course of action, and we’re only a phone call away. Big Tom’s Towing is proud to offer offroad tow truck services. Our 4-wheel drive offroad capabilities mean we can go where other tow companies can’t; no matter how far off the grid you’ve gone, we can help bring you back. We’re also recovery experts; we offer winch-out service for cars that have gone where our trucks can’t reach. Count on us to retrieve your car no matter where it’s ended up.

Big Tom’s Towing: Your First-Choice Flatbed Tow Truck Company


Car trouble of any kind is very stressful situation. Knowing you have experienced towing service providers just a phone call away is the best way to minimize that stress. Big Tom’s Towing knows just how important prompt and affordable towing services are, especially when you need it most. When you call us, know that you’re getting the most timely assistance (and best customer service) around.

From emergency roadside assistance services to full recovery jobs, our tow drivers are ready and waiting to help you get on your way with friendly service and skilled tow truck drivers. We have 24-hour service, so if you need a tow, just remember — keep calm and call Big Tom.